House rules

The so-called AHOJGI-criteria apply to coffee shops. Based on these criteria, the following house rules apply at Pluto:

  • No access under the age of 18.
  • You must always carry a valid identification document with you.
  • Persons who try to gain access with false IDs or IDs of others are arrested and handed over to the police.
  • It is not allowed to consume self-brought consumptions.
  • It is not permitted to consume alcohol and/or hard drugs or to carry them with you.
  • It is not permitted to consume or have in your pocket wax, shatter, oil or concentrates containing THC in any form whatsoever.
  • It is forbidden to have more than 5 grams of cannabis products in your possession.
  • The carrying of weapons is strictly forbidden.
  • You must be recognisable when you enter the shop. Therefore it is not allowed to wear hoods, sunglasses, helmets and the like.
  • Causing nuisance in, or in the immediate vicinity of, the business will not be tolerated. This includes: shouting in the street, running engines, loud music and driving against the traffic in the street. In case of violation, you will be immediately denied access.
  • Parking must be done in the designated parking spaces.
  • Prohibited access for dogs and other animals. Except (guide) dogs.
  • It is not allowed to organise games for money and/or goods.
  • Trading in or from the business, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden.
  • We do everything we can to make our business as attractive and safe as possible for everyone. Instructions from the staff are aimed at this and must be followed at all times.
  • If you violate our rules of conduct, you may be denied access immediately. The police will be informed at all times if criminal offences are detected.